Battle Of Cums: His Machine Against My Pot. ..I Wan Die II

He frees my hands and takes the condom from my bra. Your wish is my command gorgeous, and I smiled knowing he’s submissive to me.

He opens the condom and I roll it onto him uncomfortably. I will be gentle babe he whispers, reassuring me. He positions the head at my entrance and slowly guides it in.

It doesn’t hurt at first, it’s a different sensation, but then he stops and I knew the pain was about to come. He asked me if I was ready, I gave a nod and grip the sheets, he pushes up with enough force that it happens quickly and I lose my breath.

He moans and waits to allow me to get used to his size. Then he moves slowly at first, but as I encourage him he goes faster. It still hurts, but I can tell he’s enjoying it and it starts to feel better after a while. I start moaning his name and he took it as permission to go even deeper.

I scream suddenly and he stops, asking me if I’m ok. I have never been better. I pull him into a kiss and start moving my hips as he remains still. He moves in me again, this time with more energy and I can feel my climax building, but I don’t want to cum so soon. I whisper “hey I think you deserve a short break”.

He pulls out and I feel empty for a second. I roll him onto his back and slide down his body looking up at him through my eyelashes. I then reach his still erect d**k, I lick my lips and then lick the head. He moans staring at me in anticipation.

I wrap my lips around the head and take him further in my mouth and then sway my ass up purposely and suck about half of his massive d**k. I rub the other half with my hands and lick him off before licking the base and playing with his balls.


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