Biker Shorts Style Ideas for Girls in 2021: Sexy, Casual, Dressy, and Quirky

Biker shorts are one of the most flexible items in your wardrobe, whether you’re an avid rider or have never learned to ride a bike. Biker shorts are a warm and comfortable extra layer to wear beneath jeans, trousers, dresses, and skirts in the winter. In the summer, pair them with one of this year’s popular oversized blazers and shoes for a stylish appearance.

In addition, a pair of bike shorts is ideal for layering under the ultra-short tennis skirts available in stores, making them ready for summer wear. Alternatively, you may wear biker shorts under a simple slip-dress and create an asymmetrical look by tucking in one small portion of the dress to the side of the waistline! (At the bottom of the post, there’s a gallery of what to wear with biker shorts.)

Biker Shorts Over Sexy Thighs

Bike shorts also look excellent with thick tights, which can be black or a bright color, as well as s-exy patterned black tights and fishnets! Match with a variety of stylish graphic t-shirts and brighten them up with colorful shoes or espadrilles to create a sporty atmosphere. So, here are some of the most up to date ways to wear biker shorts with the most recent fashion items.

Trending Colours For Styling Bikers Shorts

If you find that 100% synthetic fabric produces excessive sweating, choose Yoga bike shorts made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterned prints and have a nice, smooth brushed-cotton texture. Instead of black bike shorts, try hues like hot pink, green, light or dark blue, aqua, red, purple, lavender, orange, brown, beige, or shell-pink.
Bright and patterned printed bike shorts might look fantastic under a black or plain colored skirt in terms of fashion styling. Or a blouse or slip-dress in the same hue as the patterned shorts’ primary color!

Top Trending Tips For Styling Bikers Short

1. Look for the most recent high-waist styles, as these are the most flattering to all women, and high-waist compression shorts will, of course, shape and flatten your abdomen, hips, and thighs!

2. Bike shorts look excellent with an oversized blazer and laced engineer boots.
3. For a more casual look, layer an over-sized denim jacket over an all-black shorts outfit and high-heel, platform, or wedge shoes or simply a plain pair of comfortable sneakers.

4. Wear an over-sized buttoned shirt, or simply buy one a size or two larger than your typical size, with your cycling shorts for a super-casual look.
5. This year’s blazer trends are checkered and plaid, so pair biker shorts with a checked jacket for an entirely new appearance.
6. Combine knee socks and chunky trainers with shorts and a zip-up jacket or sweater for a unique style.
7. A black top and white sneakers are paired with a mild tint of biker shorts for a simple look.

8. Over black shorts and deck shoes, wear a French sailor striped blouse to keep your look simple.

9. Combine high-waisted bike shorts with one of the newest crop shirts and a tailored blazer to create an interesting contrast between formal and sporty attire.
10. To maintain your modesty and simplicity, pair this year’s summer tartan and checked patterned, pleated tennis skirts with very low biker shorts.
11. Bike shorts under a vibrant, silky slip dress, a belt handbag, bright sunglasses, and ‘dad’ sneakers will take you back to the 1990s.

Shoes To Wear With Bikers Shorts

The majority of biker shorts are above the knee or mid-thigh in length, however there are also extra-short bike shorts. The length of your shorts will also have an impact on the overall appearance of your legs. As a result, the lower the top border of your footwear should be, the longer your shorts are. This implies you can wear extra-short shorts with ankle boots or engineer boots, but not knee-length biker shorts.
Cycling shorts are tapered to emphasize the hips and legs, and fashionable sneakers can help to balance the look of the shorts while also adding a fashionable element. Bike shorts don’t look good with high-tops or sports boots because they make everyone’s legs appear shorter, which is unsightly, especially if you’re petite.

Training shoes and sneakers are one of the most obvious sorts of shoe to wear while wearing your bike shorts, as they were developed for bikers. Cycling shoes, on the other hand, feature hard, smooth soles that are good for riding but not for fashion, athletic pursuits, or casual walking. However, you may pair your biker shorts with practically any sort of shoe. Mary Janes, platforms, wedges, sandals, deck shoes, stilettos, and heels of all kinds are all included!

1. Platform-Sneakers
Platform sneakers, on the other hand, are a terrific choice because they make legs appear longer, and platforms are undoubtedly in this year’s trend. Unless you’re wearing anything sophisticated over your shorts and need nice heels, low-top shoes are another effective technique to make your legs look longer.

For additional comfort and to remove moisture from perspiration in hot weather, many ladies wear white ankle or knee socks or low rise invisible socks.

2. Trainers in Bikers Shorts
If you want to run or walk long (or short) distances, bike shorts can be used for any fitness activity and will prevent thigh chafing. They also provide moderate compression, which is both comfortable and flattering on saggy thighs and bottoms.

If you want to run in your biker shorts, make sure you get excellent footwear that provide good support and shock absorption.

What To Wear With Bikers Shorts

1. Biker shorts and a professional office outfit

Plain, black biker shorts worn under a trendy over-sized blazer and a belt-bag is one of the most frequent ways we see bike shorts styled in an urban atmosphere. Depending on the weather, you can wear your jacket open to show off a tucked-in tee or button it up for a sleek, sophisticated style. Stride around the office halls like you own the place with dressed-up high heels for a super-classy, boss style that shows off your wonderful legs.

2. 2. Cute look with cardigans that hit at the waist

The cropped or fitting waist-length cardigan will be one of this year’s summer favorites. They have huge lace collars and pearl or gem beautiful buttons, making them extra-feminine. As a result, they’ll look great with biker shorts and a low heel for a feminine look. The pastel – colors can be paired with shorts for a fun shorts suit or contrasted with black for a quick and easy fashion style!

3. 3. Biker shorts for a night out ensemble

This is a terrific outfit for a date or a night out on the town. Pair your biker shorts with a fine-textured, feminine top or a shirt that conceals your behind for a flirty, s-exy style that takes less than two minutes to put together. To smarten up the style, pair with pointed shoes with a heel or flat sole, depending on your height. Carry a clutch bag as well. It’s a great, unique outfit, especially if your date expects you to show up in your normal jeans and top ensemble!


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