Careless indulgence between my aunt and I led to constant s3-x

Ladele Johnson was not prepared for what happened between him and Aunty Cecilia.  As usual, Aunty Cecilia, his mother’s adopted sister, was passing the night in their house. She had been doing that a lot since her marriage crashed after her husband moved in with another woman because she could not give him a child. On days she passed the night in their house, she always used the spare room in the flat in the front of their four-flat building. But one bad night she came and a visitor from the village had occupied her regular room.

Ladele’s mother asked him to clean the spare room in the back flat for her, the room was directly beside Ladele’s. He did as he was told. Around 11pm, he went to bed. Some two hours later he woke up to use the toilet and he started hearing a strange sound from the room Aunty Cecilia was. He tiptoed to the door and peeped through the key hole. Sitting n@k-ed on the bed was Aunty Cecilia. Her fingers were in her c-vnt and she was mo@n!ng, her eyes were closed in ecstasy. Soon she was squeezing her b0-0bs gently, and gyrating with excitement.

Ladele ran back into his room and shut the door. He tried to go back to sleep, but no matter how hard he tried, all he could see was Aunty Cecilia’s b0-0bs and c-vnt. He felt her b0-0bs were so firm and did not look like what someone once married should look like.

Some minutes to 2am, there was a knock on his door, he quickly pretended he was sleeping and did not answer.

“Why are you pretending to be sleeping?”

It was Aunty Cecilia’s voice.

“Open your eyes. I knew you were watching me.”

Ladele did not know when he screamed: “I was not watching you o, I only went to use the toilet.”

Aunty Cecilia smiled.

“There is no need for us to argue about that.”

Fear gripped Ladele wondering how she knew. He could not remember if the door was slightly open. He was still struggling with trying to unravel how she knew when Aunty Cecilia grabbed his d!-cck, whose hardness gave him away as a per-v3rt. Before he could protest, she was already stroking it and before he knew it, her mouth was on it, he let out a gasp. Aunty Cecilia dropped out of her night gown and led Ladele’s mouth to her b0-0bs, one after the other. He sv-ck3d them with calmness and the peace that descended on his body could better be experienced than imagined.  In no time, Aunty Cecilia was on him, moving her wet c-vnt up and down his solid-rock phallus…

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