Covid Was A Blessing In Disguise: How I Fv-ccked My Elder Sister Cousin

This story is about how I sedv-ced and fv-ccked my elder cousin sister who was 35years old.

Hi, I am Andrew from Lekki, 28 male. I do family business and we live in a well-to-do neighborhood. My cousin’s name is Rachael, She was married at 27 and has an 5-year-old son. Yeah, they were having problems in conceiving.

After doing some medical procedures, she finally had a child. But that period brought problems in her love life.

After the baby was born, my elder cousin sister Rachael was always busy with the baby. She was very fond of my mother and came to stay with her daughter from time to time. Especially in summer vacations, she stayed for an extended period and went to the office from our house itself.

It was when things changed. After this Covid from 2020, I couldn’t have s3-x with my girlfriend for a long period. I was extremely h0-rny.

One day, my elder cousin sister Rachael called my mom and told her that due to convenience in traveling daily to work, she will be staying at our house and will be going to the office from our house. Her son will be staying back at her house.

So, this time, only me and she will be sleeping in my room, since only 2 rooms had air conditioners – one in my parents’ room and the second in mine.

I always used to like her. She had very white skin, long hair, 36 size b0-0bs, and 38 size a-ss. Her waist had grown a lot since childbirth, almost 36. But I liked that extra fat on the stomach.

I was waiting for the day to arrive. My elder cousin sister came and set up her clothes in the guest room. I was sad. We ate dinner and everyone went to sleep. She was wearing a s3-xy night wear.

Around 1 am, I heard a knock at my door. I was sleeping in my boxers only. I opened the gate and found my Rachael drenched in sweat! She had her pillow and wanted to sleep in the air-conditioned room. I welcomed her in.

When I closed the door and turned, I noticed the mark of her n!-pples in the night gown. She must have removed her inners before going to sleep. I got hard and turned off the light to hide my boner.

I came and got inside the sheets. My cousin sister wished me good night and said that she will be moving to this room like old times. I said to her that I was sad when she decided to sleep in another room. Her expression changed and that was when things turned for good!

She asked me why I was sad. I told her that I missed the old days with her and my favorite nephew to make her emotional. Then I told her that she was looking like an angel and my nephew was lucky to sleep beside her every day!

I think that her 6th sense started warning her. She immediately said, “Ok, don’t worry, I am here for 2 months” and turned around and slept before things go out of control!

I was thinking hard about how to s3-dvce my married cousin sister. But I didn’t have to do anything. Her loneliness and seeing me in only boxers had ignited her already. She suddenly turned and said that she missed her child too and she pulled my hand and kept it on her and told me to sleep like this! She said, “You are my child too. I will take care of you too.”

I got my green signal! Now I slowly moved my body close to my her as we slept inside a single big sheet. I slowly took the remote of the AC and lowered the temperature so that she felt cold. I positioned my hard d!-cck between my her a-ss and put my hand on her stomach.

I was fully awake and breathing heavily. I could sense the same from Rachael. I even felt she was pushing back on my d!-cck, Then I gathered more courage and took my right hand and slowly pulled her nightie and placed my hand in her pv-ssy! And man, it was wet!

She was still like a stone. To calm her, I planted some k!-$$es on her neck and slowly, moved nightie up till her waist. I took out my boxers and positioned my d!-cck on my her pv-ssy. It was very very wet.

I inserted my d!-cck and this time, she m0-@ned loudly! I quickly put my hand in her mouth. Slowly, I was humping her from the back. She bit my hand in the beginning and I understood that her pv-ssy was tight for not being used for so many years.

I was excited as hell thinking about 2 months of fv-cck!ng my married cousin every night. I even thought of giving her a child at that moment.

Slowly, she took my hand and kept it on her pv-ssy. I started rubbing her cl!t0ris. Her small hairs were making me more h0-rny. But I wanted the session to last longer. So I took out my d!-cck and turned her around. She closed her eyes and hugged me tightly. I had a smirk on my face and I knew she will do anything I want….

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