D!ck Relief: The Hot Knack I Got From Him After Exams

“Exams are being bitchy” I whined. I felt myself close to the brink of tears. Writing an exam in a four units course only to write another in a three units course was leaving me drained.

My brain felt as if it had been saturated in an acid of lecture notes not to mention my fingers were aching from the scribbling, extra sheets and more scribbling. Not having slept in days, I was at my tether’s end and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“Sorry dear, you have just two more papers to go and you can have a vacation. Remember what we agreed? You get your grades higher this semester and we have a vacation to Dubai.”

“At this stage I will be dead already to even make Dubai.” I snapped at him, pushing away angrily at the handouts in front of me. I was trying to study for the next day’s paper but the overnight reading for the two papers I had written just some few hours ago was leaving me cranky.

Hungry, tired and frustrated were just some of the words to describe how I felt not to mention that it didn’t seem like all I had been reading was sinking into my brain.

I heard him rather than saw him stand up from the bed where he was resting on and walk over to the reading table.

“You should give yourself a break,” his hand went to my shoulders and the soft movement of his massage felt like paradise. I sighed contentedly like one who had just found solution to all of her life’s problems.

The knots in my neck began to loosen and I moaned softly, closing my eyes to soak in the wonderful feeling of his touch. I felt a stirring within me and laughed softly. Was I about to add h*rny to the list?

We had agreed not to have sex till after exams and having him touching me this gently seemed so intimate to my starved hormones. Who cares about exams, I thought to myself and unbuttoned my shirt.

“We shouldn’t. We agreed.” He said behind me as I began shrugging out of my shirt.

“Don’t you dare stop that,” I said without facing him and shrugged out of my shirt leaving me in just my camisole and skirt.

His hands swept the hair from the nape of my neck and I felt his hot breath as he kissed me tenderly. My nipp*es hardened instantly at the brush of his lips and I tried not to let out a pleased moan.

His hands left my shoulders and gently kneaded my bre*sts again the fabric of my cloth and I leaned back in the chai, letting out the moan I had been holding in me hiss through my clenched teeth. Not having any form of sexual contact in over two weeks even though we were living together had been torture on the both of us.

I turned to face him and he pulled me up, looking into my eyes as if to be certain I was sure. The fire burning in them must have been all the convincing he needed as I raised myself on tiptoe to meet his six feet which easily towered above my five. Our lips locked themselves in a firm clasp and we were lost.

His hand left my br*ast and went to the back of my head, pressing my lips harder as his mouth devoured mine. I was a dame ready for the ravishing and I surrendered pliantly to his roaming hands. With his free hand, he explored my back, my buttocks, squeezing, pinching lightly and smacking playfully.

While his hand caressed my body, my own hands went on an exploration of their own. I battled to unhook his belt but seeing that I was not making any headway, I settled for unzipping his trouser instead, my hand slipping in through the opening and touching his rock hard d*ck through his boxers. It felt hot and heavy to the touch and he moaned against my throat,


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