Few Hours After We Met, He Locked Down My Pot With His D Till The Next Day

  At 28, I was single and working. Moderately tall, effacingly fair and thick-lipped, I had a particularly titillating body frame that made my personality ooze sexuality from afar. I had big boobs that bounced at every opportunity.

On a bright Tuesday  morning , I had been woken from my deep slumber by my phone alarm. The time was 6a.m I needed to visit the bank. So I had to rush.

 Instantly, I rushed to the bathroom. The Nigerian banking system was fraught with its delays and inconsistencies. I was determined to beat the queue.

After my bath, there was the confusion over what to wear. Each time I visited my wardrobe, I found a willing solution. I chose a short blue gown cut into a v-shape at the chest region. My heaving chests were God’s gift to me. I was not going to hide these twin beauties for any thing in the world.

 After some minutes, i hopped into my car and made way towards the Classic bank, a new generation bank Iocated  few minutes away from my place of residence. The time was few minutes to 9 a.m . The queue was by no means a short one. It was indeed a thin line twirling into twisted shapes of tired Nigerians.

With my habitual arresting elegant catwalk, I strolled to join the queue.  The usual time for opening was 8 a.m Why was the bank not opened for customers ?I wondered

Soon, a young man sauntered from the bank entrance towards the queue. His looks and charm, more than anything else, caught my attention.

He was a young, urbane, bespectacled gentleman. Draped in a smartly fitting blue shirt with the signature red tie, I knew he was a staff of the bank. His tall, muscular shoulders fitted perfectly into the shirt curve.

His shirt was tucked into a brown, smart, well ironed trousers that accentuated his smartness. His glasses did nothing to mask his handsome look, which was embellished with his afro hairstyle and stylish moustache.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Gbenga. I am here to apologise for the delay in attending to customers today. This is due to unforeseen technical issues with out server. We can all begin to file in now”

 Instantly, I found Mr Gbenga the very centre of my attraction. His looks, charm, graces and elocution were embellished with the smiles he flashed as he addressed the now baying crowd. Instantly, I began to secretly wish he would attend to me.

After few minutes, we filed in and waited on the queue. As each person on the queue ahead of me was attended to, I tried a cursory search for my instant bank crush. He was nowhere to be found . Or so I thought.

“ Good morning please. Are you withdrawing or depositing?

I had been lost frantically searching for my ‘lost’ bank crush. But as I looked back, the two customers in front had been attended to. I was next in line. The banker to attend to me was Gbenga.

Pleasantly surprised and caught off guard, I assumed an air of normality.

“ withdrawal please”

“Wow, so rich a young madam”, Gbenga said, with an air of jocularity

“The billionaire banker has spoken!”, I responded in a similar, jocular tone.

“ What is your name ma’am? He asked

“ Judith “, I responded.

Soon, transaction was completed. Gbenga handed over my cash withdrawal of 50thousand naira to me. But attached to the withdrawal was a short note he scribbled while I was busy avoiding his tempting luscious eyes

“0814568…… Give me a call and let’s talk about you”

The note was crispy, fringy and commanding”. As a beautiful lady with the right assets in the right places, I was used to having guys beg for my number before they finally had it.


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