Few Hours After We Met, He Locked Down My Pot With His D Till The Next Day


Here was my banker-crush, assuming command, giving me his number and invariably asking me to do the chasing.

On getting home, my mind raced as I checked through the note all over. By evening, I had a decision to make.

“ Let me just call”, I said out loud.

Few minutes later, Gbenga was at the other end of the call.

The conversation was short and searing. In few minutes, Gbenga wanted us out on a date.  The date was that evening. 8pm.  Continental hotel.

The rapidity , finality and daredevilry swept me off my feet. For a moment, i just wanted this adventure.
 In preparation for the date, I wore a skimpy spaghetti top with my bra sparsely covering my mammoth bre*sts. My cleavage lines came clear along the centre of the top.

My black hair was tossed backwards and my lips decorated with a pinkish lipstick that shone brightly.

8pm came. Soon, I was in front of the continental hotel. But my man was not there yet. I was used to having guys wait and wait. Here I was , waiting and looking on for a man I barely knew.

Suddenly, two strong hands wrapped my waist from the back. I felt the body of Gbenga draw closer as his groins firmly locked against my backside. His bespectacled eyeballs searched my eyes as his chin rested on my shoulder.

This was meant to be a first, friendly date. This man, my crush, was jumping on me like we were age-long lovers.

“Good evening cash madam. I hope you know I don’t offer withdrawal services here?” He smirked.

“Can we go to the reception now and have a drink?” I asked, trying to assert a tad of control.

Still holding me from the back, we strolled casually towards the reception area.

“Good evening  oga  Gbenga. Room 107 is reserved  for you sir”, the hotel attendant declared. Gbenga had apparently reached a prior agreement with him.

Shocked, I looked at Gbenga. He was expressionless as he ushered me up the staircase. We had barely reached room 107 when Gbenga grabbed me inside, locked the door and made for my lips.

Shocked but helplessly infatuated , I responded with the kiss as our lips locked in twirling ecstasy. Gbenga was needing and demanding as he dipped his hand into my top through the chest region and found my right bre*st.

I moaned and whimpered as he fiddled with my right ni*ple. His left hand cupped my a*s as he groped them through the soft fabric.  My body was on fire as my temperature rose higher. I held Gbenga tighter and pushed my body harder into his frame.

“ Easy Judith, we have all the night”, he said, as he began to pull up my gown.

Gbenga undressed me, leaving my pebbling ni*pples and clean-shaven pus*sy in clear view.

“oh wow, this is beautiful”


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