How I Got Entangled In An Open Marriage But Jealousy Is Tearing Me Up

It started about a year ago. This lady (Gloria) was employed to work in our company. When she resumed with us, it was obvious that she could not do the job. I don’t know how she was selected but within the first two weeks, it was very clear to everyone that she did not know what she was doing.

From afar, I watched how she struggled with her job. I felt sorry for her. So, I went to her and asked her if she needed help. She just burst into tears. I then promised to help her learn the job very quickly.

So for the next couple of weeks, I was like her mentor, putting her through the job. She was a fast learner …thank God. In between showing her how to do the work, we gisted a little sometimes. I found out that she was referred by her uncle for the job, who is friends with our MD..cos there was no way she could have qualified for this job by the normal standards.

I also got to know that she was engaged to be married. I had no intention of getting involved with her but having worked together, we became close naturally. Sometimes, we took same transport home after work. Sometimes, she would order same Uber for us. The Uber would drop me off cos my place was closer and take her home.

Sometimes, I saw that our colleagues jokingly called me her office husband but she always made it clear that she was engaged and there was nothing between us. I was her go-to for anything in the office and she was happy that I always had her back.

After like 4 month after, she ordered an Uber to take us home after work one day. We started the journey and she was like, of these days, she will come and know where I stay. I was like, ah…will your fiancé not object…she said no…that her fiancé trusts her and he is not the jealous type.

As a matter of fact, as we journeyed, it began to rain and when I got to my place, she said she would like to come in and know my place that night. I was like, oh but when will you get home, she said no worries…she will get another Uber. So, she got down from the Uber with me to my place.

On getting to my place, I showed her my apartment and she was like, wont you invite me in? I looked at her…with questioning eyes and she asked me if I don’t want her to come in or if my girlfriend will not allow it. I told her I don’t have a girlfriend, so she came in. She liked my apartment and complimented the way it was furnished.

Next she asked if I wont offer her a drink. I told her I am a bachelor, I did not store anything in the house. She strolled into my kitchen and saw a cartoon of noodles. She offered to make me noodles. So, I ran out to a shop in my street to buy eggs and sardine for the noodles.

By the time I returned, she was in the kitchen making preparations. I thought she just wanted to make a quick dinner for us, eat and go. But after she made the noodles, which was very delicious…she made no move to leave. Infact…she cleaned up the dishes and asked if its ok if she spends a little time chatting with me. I said but its getting late and she was like…if she cant find an Uber, she can spend the night.

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