How I Got Trapped In An Illicit Affair After Arguing About The G-$p0t -Pls Advise

This is not how I planned my life to be but my life is at a very complicated state and I need help because I am living a guilt filled life.  I feel this guilt will overcome me and ruin my chance of being happy in my marriage. I just need some clear part to follow to come out of this mess.

I am 29 years old and I just got married three months ago. But my problem is that I am having an inappropriate relationship with my colleague at work and I do not know how to stop before it ruins everything. My colleague at work and I have worked in the same company for three years now. Lets call him T.

T and I are executives in an Adverts and PR company. Its been fun working in this place. We have been in the same department since and we have never had any issues. He is a good looking guy and ladies liked him alot but he is also very decent. He was faithful to his fiancé and we all attended their wedding two years ago.

T and I are just good office friends…nothing more. He is very much aware when I started dating my husband and got engaged and he was nothing short of happy for me. Five months ago, we had a business pitch in Port Harcourt and the MD sent me and T to go close out the pitch. We travelled to PH together and handled the business together. All went well.

T then told me that he grew up in PH and he was going to see a few of his friends since he was in town. He asked me to come along and since I was not doing anything…I decided to go with him cos its better than staying in the hotel alone doing nothing. We went out to a spot in PH…his old friends were there …we had drinks…just hanging out and gisting and catching cruise you know.

The discussion went from politics to business to relationships and that was how somehow the gist ended around whether there is actually a G $p0t in every woman’s V@g!na. Some of the guys argued that there is nothing like that. Me, I was curious cos I have never experienced anything like that. I said there is nothing like G $p0t. We argued about it and I said it was all fiction.

T argued and said its because I have not met a man that can make love properly to me. T and his friends boasted that men from the South South rejoin are experts in making a woman 0rg@sm and feel high bouts of pleasure during !nterc0ur$3. T started boasting about his sx*ua| prowess…he said he can take any woman from any man he desire after sleeping with them…everyone was laughing and high. It was all alcohol and buzz and gist. We left his friends late, around 11pm and took an uber back to the hotel. We were both tipsy or even slightly drunk. All that buzz and sx* talk was making me crazy h0r*y too..

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