How to Make a GIF With Your iPhone’s Live Wallpaper

There’s an app for it, as there is for most things on the iPhone. It’s GIPHY in this case, one of the best GIF apps on iOS. Let’s get started by downloading it.

Search for a GIF you like on GIPHY. When you’re looking, keep the following in mind:

You have a vertical iPhone wallpaper. If you don’t want a very little or cropped GIF, seek for something vertical.

The majority of the time, live wallpapers are static. You should choose something with a nice still frame.

The image quality of GIFs is typically poor. It’s worth taking the effort to look for something of great quality. It’ll look a lot better.

After some digging, I came upon this fantastic Flanders GIF.
Open your GIF and tap the three small dots in the bottom right corner once you’ve located it. Select “Convert to Live Photo” next.

You’ll have two choices: Save as Live Photo (Full Screen) or Save as Live Photo (Small Screen) (Fit to Screen).

Full Screen crops the GIF so that it fills the entire screen of your iPhone, whilst Fit to Screen inserts black bars. After you’ve chosen one, the Live Photo will be saved to your Camera Roll. I recommend giving both a shot and finding which one works best for you.

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