Images and image files shared directly on WhatsApp will be compressed, lowering their quality and resolution. You can send pictures as documents on WhatsApp. The messaging app does this to ensure efficient data delivery. On a phone screen, not much changes, but the image loses a lot of its finer details. 

1. iOS user – There is another way to send pictures as documents on whatsApp without reducing their resolution. Sending the image as a text is another way to do this, which will preserve the original resolution.

  • You can store your photos in the Files app on iOS. 
  • You must pick a folder and either use an app that is already on your phone or iCloud Drive. 
  • Simply click the image to view it, then select the WhatsApp contact you want to send the file to. 
  • Now select the picture file you wish to share for Files by selecting Document instead of Photo. 
  • That’s it. Uncompressed file format will be used to send the image.

2. Android user: 

First, you must save the image under a different name if you want to share high-quality, uncompressed photos through WhatsApp. On Android, the method is very straightforward. 

  • Simply use the file manager to rename the image file to.doc or.pdf. 
  • Instead of sending the photograph as a Gallery file, do so as a Document. 
  • You can search for the file under documents if you can’t find it. 
  • To view the uncompressed and original image when the file is sent to a recipient as a document, you must ask them to rename the image in their file manager to.jpg.

Another way you can send pictures as documents on WhatsApp 

1 First, launch the Photos app from the home screen. 

SEnd Pictures as documents on Whatsapp

2 Select the photo you wish to send as a document from the list of photos and press the save option as shown in the illustration. 

3 Following your click, a list will display in which you must scroll down and select “save to files,” as depicted in the provided image. (Use an iPhone to email photographs in document format). 

4 Select the location where you wish to save the image as a file now. 

5 Open WhatsApp from the main menu after that.

6 Select the person to whom you wish to send the file, then select the media sharing option. 

7 Select “Document” from the menu. 

Then pick the image you have already saved. 

8 Now select the “send” option as shown in the illustration. 

9 Finally, you transmitted a photo over Whatsapp on your iPhone as a file.

The steps above will help you send pictures as documents on whatsApp with ease.


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