I Fell In Love With Our Nanny, She Took Care Of The House And My Private Needs II

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She stepped out of her skirt and pulled down her [email protected]*ties. I was happy that her pull$$y was bald. I took off all my clothes and held her close to my body. I put my hands on her buttocks and squeezed them together while we made out. Her body was warm and her heart was beating hard. Her breathing was heavy.

I couldn’t believe she was wanting to be with me. I picked her up and put her onto the counter. I opened her legs and pulled her pull$$y to my face. I licked her all over her treasure, sucking on her [email protected]!s and her pull$$y lips. She moaned and wriggled while I teased her.

She was playing with her full, firm bre*8ts while my tongue pushed into her pull$$y. I tongue f*kced her slow and steady while she screamed in passion and pleasure several times on my tongue. I had my hands on my c*kc getting myself ready to delve into her pu$$y.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. I wanted to make love to her. When we got up to my bedroom, I placed her down on the bed and k!$$sed her passionately. My hands traveled down to her pull$$y where I played with her c*nt. She [email protected] out softly while my fingers danced up inside of her pull$$y.

Her c*nt was warm and inviting. I pushed my c*kc into her womanly spot and f*kced her slowly. I continued ki$$ing her while I pushed in and out of her wanting cunt.

“Your pu$$y feels so good. You’re so wet. F*cking hell!  Do you love my c*kc? Tell me!”

“You have such a big c*kc. F*kc me harder with it!”

“Tell me how you love my c*kc. Tell me how you want me to f*kc you.”

“I love your preeq I’ve wanted you forever. F*ck me!”

She was making me crazy with lust for her. I started pounding her pull$$y hard. I was roughly holding her bre*8ts. I needed to come in her. I wanted her so badly.

“Are you on birth control?”


I pushed in and out of her cunt. I [email protected] while I blasted her pull$$y with my hot come. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back.  I couldn’t believe I had f*cked her. My mind was full of desire and lust for her.

“I want to pleasure you too.”

She moved down towards my feet. She licked the come from my c*kc, moving her tongue up and down my shaft.  I was enjoying her efforts. She played with my c*kc, making me hard again.

She wrapped her young lips around my c*kc. I felt so alive and turned on again. My c*kc grew inside of her mouth.  She moved her mouth up and down my c*kc. She made all kinds of s*cking noises while she gave me head.

Her hands held my warm balls while she devoured my c*kc. I hadn’t had a blow job in so many months. I was excited by how much she seemed to love it. I started to f*kc her mouth harder and faster with my c*kc. She looked at me while she pleasured me.

“F*ck! You’re so good at this. I want to f*ck you again. Climb on top of me.”

Juliet took my preeq out of her mouth and moved closer to me on the bed. She climbed on top of my c*kc and eased my d*kc into her wet pull$$y. She rocked and bounced high on top of my d*kc. Her bre*8ts were bouncing up and down while she wriggled on my preeq.

Her new earrings looked amazing on her earlobes while she f*cked me slowly. She moved her hips up and down while enjoying my hard shaft. She loved to f*kc and made cooing noises while she rode me hard.

I sat up to play with her cannons. She had amazing bre*8ts. I squeezed her n!pples which seemed to excite her more.  She moved faster and faster on my d*kc. I smacked her buttocks while she rode me hard.

“Get on your hands and knees! I want to f*ck you harder.”


She got off me and moved to the center of the bed. I pulled her closer to where I was and slid my preeq back inside of her.  I pushed my manhood in and out of her wet cunt.

“You’re so good at this, Mr. Jones!”

I was excited that she was [email protected] out my name. I wanted to f*kc her most private spot. I pulled out of her pull$$y and moved my face to her buttocks. I pulled them apart and licked her asshole. I tongue f*cked her secret spot while fisting her with my fist.

She was [email protected] and groaning and screaming while I fisted her.

“You’re so beautiful. You really turn me on!”

“I’m coming. F*kc!”

“I want to f*kc your asshole?  Is that okay?”


I pulled my fist out of her pull$$y and pushed my c*kc slowly into her asshole. She moved her face into the pillows on my bed while I took her. She was grunting and [email protected] Her asshole felt amazing on my c*kc. I pushed my d*kc further up inside of her asshole.


I was f*kcing her harder each time. I too was screaming how amazing her a$$hole felt. She was backing up to get more of my d*kc inside of her anal canal. She liked me f*kcing her there. Her bre*8ts were swaying to the left and then to the right. I was rubbing her pull$$y faster and harder. She had multiple Org8$ms.

I couldn’t stop myself and came inside of her asshole.  I pulled out and licked my cream from her used hole.  She was out of breath from the Org8$ms I gave her.

“Mr. Jones, that was wonderful.”

“Call me Dan.”

“Okay, Dan. That was so hot. You’re amazing.”

I looked at the clock; we had been f*kcing most of the day. F*kcing Juliet made me feel like a man again. I felt alive and needed. My wife had been gone for so long. I felt like I had purpose again. I loved making Juliet come. That to me was very gratifying. I planned on f*kcing Juliet and having an affair with her. I just would need to be careful around the children. They could never see how Juliet and I act. It was important to keep distance around the children. I would need to keep our affair under wraps.

“You better get yourself ready. The kids need to be picked up from school. We’ll have fun when they go to bed.”

Juliet got out of the bed and got dressed. I felt energized after f*kcing the nanny. I would treat Juliet like a princess. I would buy her clothes and jewels. I would make her so happy and wanting to stay with us and care for the children. I was going to care for Juliet.  Juliet would be more than just our employee. She was going to be my mistress. Life was going to change, and it was going to be grand.

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