I Love My Husband But I Can’t Let Go Of The Good Dvck Of My Ex Boyfriend II


I just couldn’t hold it back. I pushed him on top of me. He fvcked brains out.

His thrusts triggered my moans and sighs in indescribable ways. We went on several rounds as his dvck was never tired.

After our first xex date after my marriage, I confessed I thoroughly enjoyed him. I then found myself explaining my marital conundrum. My husband was not just half as good as he is.

Victor and I continued our flings. But he was just not always available. I am so sure he was just creating time for his medley of pleasure givers. I was surely not the only one.

In actual sense, the only I get from him is good xex. Nothing more. He is not as caring as my husband. But I can’t let go of his great dvck, notwithstanding my husband’s good deeds towards me.

At a stage, Victor became evasive, practically avoiding me. He had many of us, I suspected strongly.

Unfortunately, I had become used to his xex drive, his maniacal thrusts and his monstrous m-nhood.

I was sad but I couldn’t share my problem with anyone. Later, I also reconnected with David, the now-married pastor whom I dated after Victor.

David and I found solace in each other because of our common predicament. He claimed his wife is boring in bed and gets tired easily. Oh, the David I know deserves much more.

We met all over and had xex all through.The moments shared with David were brief compared to the unending relationship with Victor. As soon as Victor reached out to me again,


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