MedicalVeda seeks to address the modern-day challenges faced by the health care industry. It leverages innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Defi, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Contracts. Medical Veda decentralizes the access to and ownership of medical records while presenting patients with a scalable, eminently compatible, secure and interoperable platform. In addition, it allows patients and medical practitioners to get seamless lending solution for their medical-related financial needs.

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Veda Health Portal

A blockchain based health portal enabling decentralized database that can be accessed by individuals, clinics, pharma companies. Users are the true and only owners of their data and they can even incentivize their self by exchanging this data.

Mveda Token

An ERC-20 compliant token that is deployed the Ethereum blockchain network. It allows peer to peer mode of payment, store and exchange of value and is specifically designed for large volumes of transactions within the Medical Veda Ecosystem, offering quick, secure and efficient transfer of value with confirmation speeds up to 10 times faster than Bitcoin.


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