Moment When DJ Cuppy kiss A Dog With Her Tongue

Popular Nigerian disk jockey, DJ Cuppy, has caused a buzz on social media as people wondered about her relationship with her dogs.

It all started when the billionaire’s daughter posted a video of herself with one of her pets on her Instagram story.

In the short clip, Cuppy who look dishevelled after a busy day carried one of her dogs, Dudu, and apologised to it with a kiss for being a bad mother.

DJ Cuppy.
DJ Cuppy apologises to her dog with a kiss for being a bad mother. Photos: @cuppymusic. Source: Instagram

According to the DJ, she was sorry for going out and leaving the dog at home. She then proceeded to bring out her tongue and her dog did the same as they shared a quick peck.

Social media users react

The video of Cuppy kissing her dog with her tongue soon went viral on social media and caused series of mixed reactions.

A number of people berated the DJ for kissing her dog and said it was unhealthy. Others, however, were amused.

Read some of their comments below:


“Y’all thinking what I’m thinking? Okay.”


“What is this nonsense . Hope the dog won’t be washing plate too.”


“This is what we are talking about puppies and humans , if you know you know.”


“‍♀️I can’t even stand dog touching my body with tongue not to talk of putting my tongueOmo I will just be vomiting.”


“This is SO UNHYGIENIC! Animals carry a lot of diseases , perhaps this is how we got the Covid Pandemic.”


“This is just disturbing and disgusting.”


“Another form of corona.”


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