My Boss Hired Me To Drive,But I End Up Driving Hard Into Her Sister II


All reasoning funnelled into darkness and the ticking of time faded to mute. There was a quiet melody of exploration that felt paradoxical; despite the rush of the moment, there was a weird peace that I felt within.

All at once it stopped. She took a few steps back looking half dazed and half dangerous.

Then reason hit me. She’s Ms. Danku’s sister. And I am only the chauffeur. This isn’t part of my job. 

As I was still battling with reason, she tipped one sleeve and then another of her dress off her shoulders. There she stood, naked, as she’d not bothered to put on any underwear under the maxi dress she’d arrived in. She was a rare sight to behold.

She knelt in front of me, brushing her hand over my member through my boxers first, and then going further to grasp it. Her eyes widened slightly. I was familiar with that. She hurriedly exposed it and gaped.

She looked as though she was psyching herself up for a moment and then she ki$$ed the tip. Just as quickly as she’d ki$$ed it, the head of my phallus disappeared between her lips. She swirled her tongue around it and got to work.

She appeared to be enjoying herself as was I. I guided her to the couch and parted her legs to savour her. Then I pulled back the hood of her cl!t to make her remember me.

She managed to ask if I had a condom in between gasps. I immediately stood to grab one before she changed her mind.

All set and ready for action, she eased herself slowly onto my girth and gasped. She acclimatized and began to pick up pace. I watched in awe as her beautiful face exhibited ecstasy; the gentle bounce of her firm breasts and hardened n!¥¥les turning me on more and more.

Her nails dug into my shoulders as she got more frantic picking up the pace.

Suddenly there was a knock on my door then I heard my name. Ms. Danku was at my door!

Ophelia didn’t seem to mind at all and just kept going, with my d*ck hitting her core harder and harder. The more she picked up the pace the more Ms. Danku knocked. 

And just as we both climaxed, the knocking stopped. Ophelia fell off me spent, and I could barely catch my breath. I looked towards the door, and my breath literally ceased. Ms. Danku was looking right into my eyes from the side window; I’d left the curtain parted. Evelyn looked at me one last time, me with my member still engorged and on show, and walked away.

From then, I knew I was done. There was no doubt about it.

The next morning, Ms. Danku surprised me by being herself as though nothing had happened. She greeted me warmly and asked how my night went. I said very well. She smiled. The day went on as normal with me driving her back to town. I wondered why she didn’t return with her partner as planned.

It’s been torture driving her knowing what she knows yet never asking me anything. But every now and then her hand would linger a bit too long on my arm the few times she ever reached out to touch me. 

And more often than I could count, I’d catch her staring at me through the rear view mirror and what I read in her eyes was nothing short of desire…. I guess time will tell.

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