My Brother Is The Father Of My Children. I Will Not Allow Him Marry Another Woman II


And that night came. It was not out of the blue. Chinedu and I had decided to stay back on a Sunday to have enough rest. Subsequent days were for harvests. We needed all the energy we could muster.

“Chi bobo, I have a question ooooo”

“Anything for you, Chinwe baby”

“Do you know I am still a v!rgin?”

“Ehn Ehn..Yes now. Is that not how it should be?

“Noo. But you have been sleeping with girls of my age ooo. I even want to see your p€nis. Show me”, I spoke out, surprised at my confidence

“Ah, you want to see your brother’s something”

I didn’t allow him land before I moved forward and unclasped his wrapper.

“This your p£nis is big oooo,”, I marveled out loud.
My Brother Is The Father Of My Children. I Will Resist His Plan To Marry Another Woman
“Yes. Now you know why Vera, Gloria, Ngozi and Nnosiri won’t let me rest”

That night, as we lay on the small bed in our dingy, dimly lit room, my head was on fire. Chinedu’s d!ck played on my head and triggered my desires. The proximity of his cock suggested the possibility of cex. I saw myself inching closer, gradually rubbing my ass against his c-ck barely covered by a loin cloth.  I was enjoying the rub, the silky, sensuous feel of my as$ cheeks against his c_ck. My brother, still deep in sleep, didn’t flinch.

Few minutes after, I just wanted more. And I took more. I grabbed his c-ck gently with my right hand and began to rub it. I had no experience. But back in the city, I watched a lot of those videos in Chinedu’s room. But on a first time, my lack of tact and skill was surely evident.

“Yeehhhh,” Chinedu screamed and jumped out of the bed. I had bitten his c-ck

“Am sorry”

“No problem” By now, the look on his face had changed. He wanted cex. He always wanted cex.

“Are you sure you want to do this”, he asked, feebly.

My mouth responded. With a kiss. I drove my tongue into his and we were kissing. He grabbed my buttocks and pushed me out of my night gown. He dived straight into my pu$$y, with his fingers and tongue. My first experience was a miracle.

I shrieked and screamed as he fingered me mercilessly. I was getting the Vera and Gloria treatment. He then gently penetrated me with his long c-ck. I finally had my brother’s p€nis. Without protection, I also had his fully disbursed c-m in my pu$$y.

The following weeks had us fvcking each other recklessly and at different positions. We even ended up fvcking in the farmyard, right there amidst the heaps and ploughs. Two months later, I began to feel nauseous. I was pregnant. Chinedu tried to abort for me. But I would have none of it.

He gave me potions to drink and drugs to take. I tricked him into believing I did while I threw them away. Three months later, my bulge was becoming apparent. Six months after, my bundle of joy was born. The community raised eyebrows.

Ngozi, my brother’s ex-girlfriend had alleged that she saw us having cex in the farmyard. To debunk her claim, we needed a strong evidence.  We hired a mercenary from the city to act as the baby’s father. That put paid to Nigozi’s claim.

We promised to keep hands off each other. But I was in love with this man. We didn’t. We had cex severally again. Six months after, I was pregnant. I had my second baby, another boy.

 It was that night I told Chinedu I was pregnant with our second child that he woke me from my sleep and said he wanted to marry someone else. He wanted us to live separately and promised to take care of our kids. Marry who?

And leave me broken, single and hopeless? Which woman will agree to have him take care of his sister’s kids? That is even if he successfully sells the fakery that their father dumped his sister.

I am in love with my brother, and I can’t see myself with anybody else. If he insists on marrying someone else, I would just have to spill the beans to the community.

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