My Ex Broke Up With Me Without Explanation, Now He Want Me To Break up With My Fiance II


I was so surprised cos I never knew his mother was not happy for us all these while. I deleted my social media accounts cos I was really pained all of these was happening. This made those around me really worried. That is how my ex called me to ask why I deleted my SM.

It was not intentional but we began to talk after that and he felt he saw an opportunity to come back and he quickly did. He said he broke up with me because he thought he got someone pregnant but it was all a lie. Ma, I started feeling my ex , all the feelings came back. So when my actual fiancé returned, I became confused.

My fiancé is begging and asking for ex is not letting me go. My ex is saying I should not marry my fiancé cos he is a yahoo boy cos no one marries someone they just met, that the guy has a motive…maybe he is a ritualist. My fiancé told me he is into forex but now, am beginning to suspect he is into yahoo or is my ex messing with my head?

What about the mother…what do you think about the mother? Why did she say no one can come in-between her and her son? My fiancé said I should ignore her cos she’s feeling threatened cos he has never been in love like this before. The mother sees how much he loves me and she is afraid that he will love me more than her…

Hmm…so here are my questions: do I still have feelings for my ex? are my feelings for my fiancé stronger than that for my ex? Is my ex worth going back to? He left me for another bitch he thought was pregnant for him, my fiancé has never done that to me….

What about the allegation of being a yahoo boy, could that be true? I don’t know anything about making money through forex but isn’t it legit or could someone be posing with forex but is actually a yahoo boy? Finally…is my fiancé’s mother a reflag? How do I handle her? What should I do? Please advice me

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