My Girlfriend & Her Mother Are Planning To Ruin My Life: Pls Advise II

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With all the trouble she was making,she announced that she was pregnant for me. I told her, well, do what you like. I will take care of my child but I will never marry you…she refused to move out …so I threw her things out and told her it was over. Her mother came with boys to attack me and say I must marry her daughter. I refused.

My family got involved and they too stood by me. They almost attacked her too for attacking me but I asked them to leave her cos she is a woman. I also refused to report to police. At least, her daughter is pregnant for me. Let me be the bigger person and respect the mother even if she does not respect me.

Later, this girl called me, crying and begging and promising to change. That the shame of being pregnant and living in her mother’s house is too much. I told her I wont marry her if I dont see any changes in her. She promised to change.

So against my family wishes, I allowed her to come back. She was calm again. Things were ok. She gave birth in April last year. As soon as she gave birth, she started again. Very controlling…demanding for marriage or she will show me pepper ,etc. I told her no one can force me to marry and with this her attitude, I will not marry her.

You wont believe this same girl and her mother that were so gentle at first became so hostile. They threatened me with juju. Her mother said she is a marine spirit priestess and I must marry her daughter or face her wrath. Every day since then has been one quarrel and fight every day.

I am tired of everything. This girl and her mother are evil and I will not allow them to tie me down. I had an accident in September last year. I was hospitalized for a month. This woman boasted that she was behind it…that was the beginning…that if I dont marry her daughter…she will useless my life.

I lost my job in November. She boasted again. I had to run out of the house for them. I have been staying with a friend in Lagos. Looking for a fresh start. I just got news that my mother died of heart attack just this new year. Two days later, my younger sister who was pregnant lost her baby while giving birth. And this girl’s mother sent a message that I will truly suffer if I dont marry her daughter.

My family is worried and blaming me for all these misfortune. I have been praying and asking for prayers from various prayer houses. I don’t know what else to do. One of the prayer houses actually confirmed that the woman has gone to report me in the marine world for promising her daughter and abandoning her.

They say my only salvation is to marry this girl otherwise, more misfortunes will befall me and my family. So now, if I marry this girl,will my life not be over? Knowing the kind of family she is from? And if I dont marry her…will they stop this evil attack against me?

I called her mother last week and begged her to forgive me for everything I have done and told her that if she has anything to do with these misfortunes, that God will address her. She told me that the only way for me to is fufil my promise and marry her daughter.

Yes, I promised to marry her when we first met…but I did not know that her being quiet and reserved was a mere pretense….how can I marry her with all that I know about her and her mother? Guys…please be careful…not all quiet girls are angels.

Please advise me…how do I get out of this one chance that I used my legs to enter? Someone said I should also go and do my own jazz and attack them too but being a Christian…I have never done that before…I wont start now…all I know is prayers ..I pray God to deliver us…before another attack.

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