My Husband Best Friend Has Bestridden My World With Seduction, S3x And Sweetness

Niyi, before the accident, was my incredibly sexy husband. It is not uncommon to attribute sexiness in the romantic milieu to females. However, I take this exception due to Niyi’s uniquely urbane and seductive personality.

Tall, gangling and smartly draped, Niyi evoked a sense of naturalness and efflorescence that triggered my libidinal instincts. Niyi, as husband and father to my six month old Jake, was a good man.. He made me want and want him over again.

From the sitting room sofa to the glistening corridors of our modest 3 bedroom flat, Niyi kissed, smooched and licked my body with resist. He was the type to enter the kitchen, grab me from behind, pull down my top and lick my nip*les helplessly.

He was the very epitome of loyalty and fidelity. He praised me to high heavens through his regular social updates about me. I also had access to his phone at will.

Niyi was a cex maniac, and he was just so good with it. Even after several rounds of lovemaking, he always found a way to make each bout memorable. He bent me into different shapes, taught me styles and initiated rounds of cex on a regular basis. He was a doting and cexy lover who titillated me to cex unswervingly and gorgeously.

Then, like a thunderbolt, came the accident. As human resource head of a multinational, Niyi had joined his team of four on an interstate official trip. It was a professional development conference.

Their car got enmeshed in a ghastly car accident. Niyi was not spared. By the time I was called from the office, Niyi had already been rushed the hospital.

On getting to the hospital, my once-upon-a-time- active Niyi, was there bedridden, immobile, attached to multiple life-saving machines.

“ Am afraid his knee got irreparably fractured. He won’t be able to walk unaided again”, the doctor’s bombshell was slamming, evoking a tone of finality that spelled doom for our marriage.

I stood with Niyi. But not without consequences. His immobility had affected our marriage, especially our finances. But, more than anything else, our cex life was not spared.

Niyi lost the energy, vibe and stamina for cex. Each time he wanted me, I had to struggle to lift him off the wheelchair. But it was no longer at ease. The falcons could not hear the Falconer.

I was confined to kissing his jaded lips and, occasionally, sucking his wearied d*ck. All bereft of fun and fantasy associated with our marriage.

I grew moody, sad , angry and needy. I became helplessly h*rny and restlessly forlorn. We barely exchanged words. Without respect to his incapacitating, my body needed the old Niyi. The active, sexy, baying Niyi, whose d*ck plunged and ploughed my pu**y with reckless abandon. In need of a solution to my sexual urges, I drew closer to Seun, Niyi’s  close friend.

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