My Husband Best Friend Has Bestridden My World With Seduction, S3x And Sweetness III


He ran his lips straight into mine. I parted my lips slightly, giving room for his invitation. We locked both lips in a tight interlock.

Our hands moved and twisted as I rubbed the base of his neck. His right hand found my waist, and , in a swoop, my gown was off, leaving me scantily clad in [email protected] and [email protected]

“ wow, I finally have you. This is so sexy”, he exclaimed.

I shut my eyes in expectation of what was to come. Soon, Seun gently unclipped my bra, leaving my heaving chests and taut ni*ples helplessly exposed.

With a groan, Seun, clunged to a nip*le with his tongue, before giving it a playful bite. Soon, he moved to the other nipple, while rubbing the first one with his nimble finger.

“ooohhhh, don’t stop Seun babe”, I muttered

“ oh no I wont”, he responded.

As my nipples received intense sucking and biting, he began to pull down my panties, leaving my freshly shaven but dripping  pussy exposed. Seun lifted me and placed me on the table just across the bed.

He then crouched between my legs, before driving his tongue across my pussy. I shrieked and shivered as I reached my first bout of orgasm.  His monstrosity came to the fore. He dexterity with the foreplay reminded me of Niyi’s sex ways.

“ I want to be inside you now”, Seun’s voice was clear and commanding

“ i can’t wait”, I responded, eagerly anticipating a memorable moment of sex.

He lifted me gently off the table and placed me on the bed. He freed his cock, the same monster cock he had triggered my fantasies with during chats. Only this time, he didn’t give me much time to marvel at its length and thickness. He penetrated me and fucked me roughly.


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