My Husband Best Friend Has Bestridden My World With Seduction, S3x And Sweetness II


Seun was, at best,  Niyi’s right hand man. He was a very close friend of our family in whom Niyi was well pleased. Unlike Niyi, Sean was not the type cut out for the family life. So he claimed. During our leisure moments, my husband told me tales of Seun’s sexual adventures in his place of work.

He was the superstar cex maniac, who upheld transactional cex as a daily routine. From flat out prostitutes to professional girlfriends, Seun was the type to chase anything in skirt, as long as he ended up burying his dvck inside.

In the midst of my emotional turmoil and his friend’s incapacitation, Seun started making advances towards me. Through WhatsApp texts and serial phone messages, Seun regaled me of how much he love me and promised to be there for me in this testing period. He bombarded me with steamy love messages. Gradually, he got sensual with them.

“ I want to make you feel loved again. I can’t wait to be inside you. Give me a chance to prove how strong I am in bed”. ..Suddenly, he sent me unsolicited nude pictures of his long hard dvck. Initially, I strongly repudiated his advances, even threatening at some point to report him to Niyi. Progressionally, my phallic urges took over. I had been captured by the lure of amazing sexuality.  I wanted something strong and sexual. And Seun was there, promising that and much more on a platter.  

With time, I began to give in. I spent much time on phone, chatting and responding to Seun’s flirty solicitations. My initial don’t-ever-try-that -again responses to images of his dvck morphed to wow-so-huge! I marveled at his c0ck, and his sensuous chats. Soon, we agreed on a cex date.

On the agreed date, I told Niyi I was going to the market. I dropped  Jake at the daycare and went out. Soon, I was in front of Seun’s house. He was already outside to welcome me.

And he did in grand style. He lifted me off the floor and carried me through the gate then upstairs to his two bedroom flat. He dropped me, clicked the door shut, then pulled me close. My body shivered and my defences splintered.


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