My Mum’s friend, Aunty Oluchi is pure fayaaaaa!!! (18+) (2)


Oluchi walked over to her dresser, took off her rings and bracelets, and started fumbling with her necklace. “Lenny, can you help me with my necklace?” she called. She turned her back to me and looked over her shoulder at me, smiling, and she pulled her hair away from her neck.

I stood directly behind her and started working on the clasp of her necklace. Oluchi smelled a little sweaty, from whatever bar she was at, but I could still smell just a little of her perfume. Not being very experienced with necklaces, I fumbled for a while before finally unclasping it.

Oluchi turned around and took the necklace from my hands. Standing very close to me, she had a blank look in her eyes and smile on her face. She locked eyes with me, and then looked down at me, then back to my eyes.

“Wow, you’re a man now, aren’t you?”

“Uh, I…I guess,” I stammered stupidly.

“I wanted a man to dance with tonight, but there weren’t any there, just us ladies. Would you have danced with me if you were there tonight, Lenny?”

“Uh, oh, sure, but I’m not really a dancer.”

I was staring down at Oluchi’s bre*sts. Nipples were now protruding through her top and bra.

“Oh, dancing is easy, especially slow dancing. Dance with me nah.”

“OK, but I’m not very good.” Before I even finished my sentence, she put one arm around my neck, grabbed my left hand, and pulled me close. I put my right hand on her back, feeling her bra under her top. She pressed closer to me, and I could feel her bre*sts sticking into my chest, and smelled the alcohol on her breath.

She laid her head against my neck as we slowly treaded in pace without music. Oluchi put both of her hands on my back and hugged me as we moved.

Her hands caressed my upper back and shoulders. My d*ck was pressing against her, and I wondered if she could feel it. She moved her hands down to my lower back, pulled me closer, thrust her hips forward slightly, and quietly moaned.

I was practically ready to explode in my pants. With her being aggressive, I started thinking more of ways that I could take advantage of the situation and maybe get in a quick feel.

I don’t know much about drinkers, but I was thinking that maybe she was too drunk to notice, or wouldn’t remember if I got in a quick “accidental” feel. I moved my hand under her arm until my thumb was touching the side of her breast. When she moaned I took it as an acknowledgement that she knew what I was doing, so I was already scared.

I moved my hands down her spine and rested them on her lower back, just touching the top of her skirt. When I did this, Oluchi lowered her hands down onto my trousers, her fingertips tickling my ass.

At this point, the spell was broken when Oluchi lost her balance again. I tried to hold her up, but I lost my balance, too. In slow motion, I fell back, and made a soft landing on the carpet, with Oluchi falling on top of me. Her cheek was resting on mine, and I could feel as well as hear her giggling.

My hands were still on her back, except her top had risen up some and I was touching bare flesh above her skirt. Her knees rested on either side of me. She was in no hurry to get up, laying on me and giggling. Even when she stopped giggling, she stayed on top of me. I was still hard, and her crotch was resting right on my erection. I could feel it pressing into her, and again I wondered if she noticed.

Oluchi finally lifted her head a little. She was smiling at me, her eyes six inches from mine. She was breathing heavily, and she just kept looking at me. It looked like she was ready to kiss me, and in any other situation, I might have tried to kiss her.

But she was still my mom’s best friend, and I was still a bit fearful of crossing a line, no matter what her condition. She straightened her elbows and remained perched over me. I looked down and her top was hanging open.

I could see all of her white bra. Her cleavage was falling out of her bra, and it was such a great sight that I didn’t care if she saw me looking or not. And she did see me looking, I’m sure, but said nothing.

Her skirt had hiked up, and her naked thighs were wrapped around my hips, and her crotch was definitely resting on my hard-on. She slowly rocked up and down, and subtly dry humped me. Her panties rubbed against my jeans as she let out a low moan, her eyes looking at me.

I moved my hands to her bare waist, and then down to the back of her bare thighs. We stayed in this position for a while. I wanted to slide my hands under her skirt, or better yet up to her breasts, but I still wasn’t going to take that risk without more explicit approval.


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