My Pastor Raped Me And Threatened My Parents… All Because He Is Rich And Famous!

The current #Metoo movement is interesting in several respects. It has indeed been a gripping chronicle of lurid sexual assault, harassment  and violation  of women by friends, family members and professional colleagues.

The wave had coursed through the Nigerian shores, exposing the past indiscretions of the high and mighty  So, as I glanced through my twitter feed, I saw the notification: Jide Jones, foremost Nigerian investigative journalist was requesting interviews for his #Metoo movement report in Nigeria. Instantly, I was no longer at ease. I knew I had a story to tell. And Jide Jones offered a pristine opportunity to let it out to the world.

I reached out and soon, an interview was arranged. Jide Jones came over to my modest apartment.

“ Good morning Nigerians. My name is Tolani . I am 35, married and with kids. This story is one of betrayal at the highest levels and a gripping tale of perversion and corruption of the apostolic ministry”

I paused , took a deep breath and continued

“ I am sure many Nigerians are familiar with Pastor Elijah Ibrahim. He is , for the true representation of facts, founder and Senior Pastor of Top Grace Chapel, Kano. Some two decades ago, growing up in the heartland of Kano had trappings of glee, bliss and leisurely treats.

As first born of  three, dad and mum ensured I had the best of spiritual and moral education. To us, the Adebajos, Pastor Elijah was not just a pastor and mentor, but a spiritual idol and friend. He was a family member by affinity.

Our families exchanged Christmas cards and went on vacation together.  Pastor Ibrahim was then unmarried. He was a  charismatic youth pastor who mentored my dad and mum all through their courtship .

He was tall, urbane, ever smiling, with a tingling sensation of charismatic sensationalism.

Fast forward to when I was 18, Pastor Elijah and I began to share a closely knit relationship. This was because, at this point, I was preparing for my Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam.

Dad and mum always suggested I visited Pastor Ibrahim for mentorship and all that. We got closer. I began to pay him visits at his palatial mansion. He allowed me access everywhere- including his library and bedroom.

He showered me gifts, regaled me with tales of his adventures as a university undergraduate-his trials as a young Christian convert in a Muslim State- and assured me of his unalloyed support all through my university education.

Gradually, he began to get physical. He was funny and witty, strong and clingy as he perennially clawed around my body each time I came visited.

Pastor Elijah would carry me across his shoulder ask for hugs for me while sticking to me till eternity, crushing my boobs against his chest.

He progressed to asking me to sit on his laps. All through this, I jocularly obliged, believing that Pastor Elijah was too innocent and fatherly to try anything untoward with me.

On a particular evening, precisely around 4pm, I visited his residence. He had just returned from a church leaders’ meeting which my parents had attended.

I tapped on the door, and it flew open. There was pastor Elijah, tall and shirtless. His tanned body with well lined biceps came into view. The bushy region around his penile area showed due to his loose boxers. He was a towering man with sexual mien.

‘How are you Tolani baby’, he asked

‘I am fine Pastor. I will be studying’….

He didn’t allow me finish. Before I knew what was happening, Pastor Elijah lifted me off the floor and carried me in. All smiles, I had thought it was still one of his friendly, juvenile stunts. Until few minutes later, I was on his bed,  with him on top as he began to undo my gown.


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