My Relationship With My Half Sister Wants To Destroy My Life-Please Advise

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Her husband receives #9000 as salary from the church and I was told that for the past two years the church has not paid him. A church where if they see #500 from offering it is like a Christmas day for them.I regretted going there because the little change I had, finished there and I was a broke a$$. They have about 10 children all in school. Did I say school hmm, they go to school and come back to sit at home when the school pursues them for their school fees. As a big brother, it was difficult for me to buy things for them because there will be problem.10 siblings, the most I do was to be buying carton of noodles so it will go round for them.From these siblings, there is a 21 year old girl who just finished her waec. The village boys and old men kept pestering her for marriage. I took it upon myself to defend her and all the small cash I saved up, I lavished on her.

Shoes, clothes. I made sure she changes hairstyle. She has never done style of hair in her life. I made sure she lacked Nothing because I was told that in that village you can sleep with any girl you want, just buy noodles or viju milk for them.You will see little children with pregnancy. Even elderly men with four wives are still hiring those little children.Problem started when she told me she wished to have someone like me as her boyfriend or husband as the case maybe. She said she loved me because I have a good heart and care about people too much especially, herself.Few days after she jokingly asked a question. She asked, do brothers marry their sisters?I said no but in some countries I think they do but we don’t do it here. One night we sat as we discuss. She always like to touch my chest and br*a$t because I gym so I have a broad chest.

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