My Village People Are After My Marriage & My Life-Please Advice

I am in trouble. Real big trouble and I need your help about this. I am a newly married woman. I got married Last year December. Maybe I made a mistake in insisting that my husband must marry me when I got pregnant for him last September. At the time, I was in a relationship but we were having issues.

We were both from broken homes and anytime we had issues, we will be verbally abusing each other but we loved each other so much. My mother and I are even estranged cos she too was abusive to me. So, my another man came and was trying to show me a better way, I was blown away by his treatment of me, he treated me with so much respect..

I found out I was pregnant after only 4 months of dating …I left the other guy and forced this man to marry me. He actually told me that it would be better if we waited until after the baby is born before we marry. I insisted cos I just wanted to have him for myself cos no one ever treated me this good.

Unknowingly, even though he was a good man when I married him, I was not good for him. After the marriage, my bad habits kept showing up even though my husband treated me the nicest any man can treat a woman. I cursed him when I did not understand certain things. I accused him of cheating when he came home late at any time.

Sincerely, my village people do not want me to be happy cos all the bad things I was doing to this man, I never realized it until now. Even when my baby was born, I continued being a bad wife. I would not cook, I yelled at him, I drove away his family members. I got angry one day and spent all the money in the account that he gave me the ATM card for.

Like I said, I now realized that it was because I grew up living with parents who were divorced and always bitter about each other, I learned very bad habits. I felt like I needed to abuse anyone that I did not feel ok with. I had serious trust issues and I have a very bad temper. In all, my husband was still good to me.

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