Our Dotted Housemaid Is My Beautiful Daughter: Ugly Truth I Can’t Tell My Wife

I’m in a dilemma at the moment and I do not know how I’ll get out of this mess. Without my wife, I’m a nobody, but her inability to give me a child and the pressure from my family made me have a mistress outside and she had a child for me 14 years ago.

I kept her and the child far away from my home, but she died last year and since then, Ireti has been living with my wife and I.
I lied to my wife that she was sent to me from our village to help out in the house and being someone who believed in me, she never suspected anything.

In the last three weeks, however, I have been having nightmares and emotional discomfort over this ugly truth. My conscience too, has been pricking me to open up to my wife.  

But, how do I confess that kind of a crime? My wife and I started dating back in the university and we had xex recklessly and as expected she became pregnant many a time and I always got her to take it out.

At a point, the usual doctor who took out the pregnancies for her asked her to stop if she ever hoped to start a family. At that time we were out of school and my wife had started working, but I was still jobless.

I pleaded with her to take it out, with a promise that that would be the last time. The evacuation became complicated and she lost her womb and almost lost her life in the process.

I stood by her and vowed to marry her despite the situation. I got a job through my wife not long after and we got married.

The years began to roll by and my family members started putting us under pressure. My wife would cry and cry and I kept assuring her that I would stand by her.

But all that changed when I went to Ilaro for a conference. It was a three-day conference. There I met Sadia at the hotel where I lodged. For reasons I do not understand up until now, I became so horny on that trip and invited Sadia to my room.

She came and did not say no when I started touching her. She kissed me as though she hungered for it. She was the one who brought out my rock-solid phallus and gave me the head of my life.

I moaned like a sex-starved man and Sadia, who was then a student of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, cured me of my ‘ill health’.
Sadia did the twin-bounce on my d!ck, rode me like I had never been ridden and the excitement was so much that I did not see it fit to withdraw before reaching 0rgasm.

We had four rounds on my second night in the town and she was with me on my last day too and on no occasion did I fail to pour all of my semen into her sweet pus-y.


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