Even if you tend to wear underwear every day, there will be a time when you forget to do the laundry and have to venture out without them. You could even begin to question why you haven’t been going commando all along as a cool breeze blows and you move freely across the globe. There are reasons why you should avoid wearing underwear Who knows when you take into account all the advantages of not wearing underwear? You may decide to forego this step of getting dressed more frequently.

However, there are many situations and justifications for why wearing underwear is a good idea. According to OB/GYN Kameelah Phillips, MD, of NYC, “underwear is a barrier between the vagina and garments.” It shields your vaginal area from irritation and shields clothing from blood and vaginal discharge. This particular kind of agony will be familiar to everyone who has worn tight jeans without underwear.

It might also be feasible to find a comfortable middle ground between donning uncomfortable synthetic underwear and being completely bare-chested. The vaginal area can “breathe” if you select a comfortable pair of cotton underwear since they will protect your skin, keep a pad or panty liner in place, and protect your skin. To learn more about reasons why you should avoid wearing underwear whether occasionally, when you sleep, or constantly, continue reading below.

Reasons why you should avoid wearing underwear :

1. You can feel more at ease if you aren’t wearing underwear.

Try experimenting with other brands, cuts, and styles — or skip them totally and see how it feels — if you’re sensitive to underwear that bunches up, twists, or itches along the seems. According to OB/GYN doctor Brittany Noel Robles, “the first and most obvious benefit of not wearing underwear is comfort,” she tells Bustle. 

Going commando in a long dress, soft leggings, or a pair of baggy pants can make a huge difference. In the same way, discarding your underwear before bed.

2. Not Donning Undergarments Alleviates Dampness 

Felice Gersh, MD, an OB/GYN and the founder of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, argues that wearing underwear does not necessarily result in discomfort, health issues, etc. 

However, by giving the vaginal area time to expel extra heat and moisture, not wearing them is a novel technique to reduce dampness. This can be a blessing if you frequently sweat and discharge.

Third reasons why you should avoid wearing underwear 

3. When you take off your underwear, air may move freely. 

The free movement of air is impeded by underwear, particularly those constructed of synthetic materials. Going commando “gives the labia and vagina time away from cloth,” according to Phillips. 

This is frequently referred to as “letting the vaginal area breathe,” but not everyone needs to do so, according to Phillips, who adds that for some people it feels right. The idea of “breathing” only refers to the fact that, for some [people], the vagina can be a sensitive area and that increasing contact with moisture and clothing can make this sensitivity worse.

4. Acne is soothed by not wearing underwear. 

According to Patel, folliculitis is another another adverse result of heat and wetness. Folliculitis, which can resemble acne or pimples in appearance, is a fairly common skin disorder that makes your hair follicles swell and develop red and white bumps. Reasons why you should avoid wearing underwear 

The area of your body where the itchy rash will most likely appear is along your bikini line, particularly if you shave before putting on some tight or uncomfortable underwear. Folliculitis can be prevented and treated in a variety of ways, such as applying a warm compress. However, to prevent the area from becoming even more irritated, it may also be helpful to refrain from wearing underwear. Reasons why you should avoid wearing underwear 

5. Better and quicker sleep 

If you want a long night of unbroken sleep and an instantaneous dip into dreamland, skip the underwear. Consider foregoing any clothing altogether. 

According to medical professionals at Healthline, the body prefers a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit for sleep. But even in freezing weather, you can be too warm to fall asleep without your lover, your pyjamas, and a duvet.

6. An increase in sperm generation 

Due to the disruption in body temperature that underwear causes, it is possible that infertility is a factor. 

The testicles need to maintain a temperature of roughly 94 degrees Fahrenheit in order to generate sperm effectively, according to Healthline. The typical body temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit, thus this temperature is a little lower. 

Therefore, pushing your crotch against a heated body while wearing tight underwear or a boxer brief will heat it up and diminish your sperm count. There is conflicting evidence regarding how wearing underwear causes infertility, yet it is not harmful to let in some fresh air.

7. Treatment for butt blemishes 

The pores on your bum skin can respond favorably to the aeration. Butt acne is a sign of folliculitis and is brought on by blocked pores from friction or trapped sweat. 

Try skipping underwear and donning loose clothing to protect your sensitive skin instead of hurrying to get a treatment for these inflamed hair follicles.

8. Less rubbing and annoyance 

If you’re a woman who frequently has chafing and irritation, you can get relief from these uncomfortable conditions by going commando. These problems in the vaginal area might be brought on by friction from poorly fitting undergarments. So either buy underwear that fits properly or stop wearing them entirely!

9. There is less bacterial movement 

The likelihood that bacteria will be transferred from your anus to your vaginal area may rise depending on the type and fabric of your underwear. And as you probably well know, ureter infections are more frequently found in women because of bacterial overgrowth in the genitalia. So getting rid of those underwear will benefit you much!

10. It guards against harm to your vulva. 

Your labia are formed of fragile tissue, much like your lips, outside of your vagina. 

Tight underwear made of synthetic materials can chafe and irritate the area around the labia. This can harm your skin and put you at risk for wounds, bleeding, or even infections. Furthermore, it hurts. 

Losing your underwear might lessen or even eliminate the chance of chafing or harm, especially if you’re wearing loose-fitting clothing.


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