Red Velvet & Bedgasm: That Night In My Best Friend’s Bed

“Baby stop. Don’t pinch so hard, you are going to make me cry.” I whimpered and shifted uncomfortably on the bed,  We were watching a movie together, he laughed teasingly and smirked at me as he tapped my butt and replied, “you are a big girl, big girls don’t cry. You can take the pain, you have taken better pains before.”

“You dirty mind, that wasn’t what I meant,” I said and adjusted just as his palm landed on my butt playfully again. I felt my ass cheeks smart even as his hand cupped my buttocks through my jeans and he pretended to be kneading dough.

“I am trying to watch the movie, get off me.” I said in a half serious tone even as I tried to dislodge the welcomed visitor from playing bread making on my ass. I turned my eyes away from the television screen and smiled inwardly to see the goofy smile on his face as he winked at me. I was glad to see him this happy considering he had had a bad week. “You should smile more often, it takes the stress off you,” this time my voice was serious.

“You make me smile, that is what takes the strain off me.”

“Whatever,” I said trying to sound like I wasn’t pleased with the compliment and quickly turned my face back to the movie before he saw the effect his sweet words had had on me. We were at his house re-watching a sappy but tragic romantic movie about two lovers who had cancer and although the movie started out with the outlook of the female protagonist dying first, I for some absurd reason liked the twist that her lover dies instead when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the role of who was taking care of who was reversed.

“I don’t know what you like in that movie. It is just too sad for my liking. I would rather be playing with this,” he said with another playful pinch on my butt.

“The Fault In Our Stars is a classic movie of all time.” I said wincing in pain and pleasure from his hand activities. I shifted again in an attempt to dislodge him from my behind but he only pinched harder.

“It’s a sweet kind of pain sweetie, different from the kind that you enjoy watching on TV. I could show you a more pleasurable pain than what they movie can bring you you know.” I turned to look at him quizzically feigning an innocent look.

“And what kind of pain would that be. I never said I enjoy pain.”

“Take off your jeans and I could show you,” he replied with that smirk and yet another tap of my butt.

“If I don’t like the pain, what do I get?” I teased.

“Why not experience it first, a trial will convince you.” His voice was velvety smooth and I had to admit to myself I wasn’t just uncomfortable with the way he was playing with my butt, he was actually turning me on and the way he was teasing now seemed too sexually loaded for me to want to pass off an offer of one of our rounds of mind blowing sex.

“Get off me then and let me,” I said and pushed myself up from the bed. He finally stood up from my back and sat on the bed with lustful eyes watching me pull of my jeans. I stood there in nothing but my blouse and pants. With hands akimbo asked, “so where is this sweet pain?”

“Easy tigress,” he said and stood up from the bed to stand in front of me. He bent his head to kiss me and I turned my face to his hungrily as if I had been waiting for it all my life. His nails grazed over my exposed legs while his mouth crushed mine. I whimpered softy when his mouth bit my nipple teasingly through the soft fabric of my cloth. Since we were indoors, I had not bothered to wear a bra and I lost control of my legs, crashing against the dresser behind me.


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