Red Velvet & Bedgasm: That Night In My Best Friend’s Bed II


“Easy tigress,” he said and stood up from the bed to stand in front of me. He bent his head to kiss me and I turned my face to his hungrily as if I had been waiting for it all my life. His nails grazed over my exposed legs while his mouth crushed mine. I whimpered softy when his mouth bit my nipple teasingly through the soft fabric of my cloth. Since we were indoors, I had not bothered to wear a bra and I lost control of my legs, crashing against the dresser behind me.

“I told you easy, we haven’t even started and you are already falling.” I laughed and sealed his lips with a kiss again reclaiming his tongue like a lost possession. His mouth on my nipples had been all that was needed to make me a hot mess and now I wanted more.

He pulled my blouse above my head and flung it carelessly to the floor before moving away from my mouth to inflict welcomed pain on my breasts.

“Arrrh,” I found myself moaning and he took my nipple in between his teeth and flicked his tongue over the tip. He then proceeded to sucking all the while fondling my other breast with his hand. I lost all the air in me and forgot to breathe. His hand smacked my bare buttocks and this time I didn’t mind instead I found myself pushing his mouth harder on my nipple as he sucked.

His hand left my breast and his finger trailed a path to my already dripping cunt and he pushed inside with one finger.

“Fuck!” I screamed as his finger slipped into me. It was an explanation of both pain and pleasure but he knew I didn’t mean it for him to stop as he fingered me with craze of a mad man. I was dripping wet and ached to feel his rod inside of me.

“I want the bigger one,” I managed to choke out and he laughed huskily. He obeyed and quickly undressed.

“Are you sure you are ready for this one, this one is Mr. Too Good,” he said with that smirk on his face as he held his shaft at the base and dangled it playfully.

“We will see about that now wouldn’t we?” I replied and with that he grabbed me and pulled me to him roughly by my ass cheeks. He turned me so that I was facing the wall and slammed into me from behind. He pummeled me hard and fast but I knew this was what I wanted. My moans were both of pain and pleasure but I was sure this could last a lifetime and I would gladly remain impaled on his cock.


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