There was sudden flooding of Kayan Mata distributors and alternately, utilizing the merchandise. Right here is all it’s advisable to find out about its utilization.

Here’s a quick 411 on Kayan Mata merchandise and whether or not or not you should be using them.

Kayan Mata originated from the Northern tribes of Nigeria and truly means “girls’s points”. Kayan Mata refers to herbs or potions that act as intercourse or love enhancers and aphrodisiacs. For a whole lot of years, their recipes — usually mixtures of herbs, fruits and spices — have been used to accentuate and stimulate the sexual feelings of 1’s confederate.

They’ve been initially utilized by married girls to spice up sexual relations nonetheless recently, the merchandise have been peddled on the Net as voodoo-like herbs for younger ladies to attract consideration from rich males.

Yow will uncover the right Kayan Mata in states like Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, and so forth they normally differ from ranging from perfumes to sweetener powders, sweets, zuman mata/maza (lady’s honey), intercourse drops, lubricants and so forth.

For girls who uncover it exhausting to be turned on all through foreplay, Kayan Mata sweets are impressed for the women to chew all through the day after they’re optimistic they’re going to get laid at night. It creates a tingling sensation for the lady.

Essentially the most well-liked kayan mata merchandise are Kunun Aya and Tsumi. Tsumi is a mix of Kayan Mata herb and camel’s milk and its impression may very well be very sturdy. Kunun Aya is a juice gotten from Tiger nuts and is drunk by the particular person for added effectivity.

Since Kayan Mata is made out of fruits, herbs and pure spices, it is, for in all probability essentially the most half, healthful. There have been controversies in regards to the outcomes of Kayan Mata merchandise in tying down males with out their consent or inducing possessiveness. This components to utilizing voodoo throughout the making. Though, distributors declare that that’s untrue, it is best to take care.

For those who want to use Kayan Mata to strengthen your sexual pleasure, the right advice is to be careful of your sources and what exactly make up the weather.


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