The Steamy Revenge!!! C3x Story

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For a second, I was back in secondary school being humiliated by her. I held on to her and focused all my aggression on making sure my c0kc broke through and slid into her throat. After a few hard push, I was successfully fvkcing her throat. I shoved in and out until I was completely satisfied then I pulled back.

As soon as I released her, Ronke stood up and looking incensed, attempted to leave the room. I was ready for her. I pulled her tighter towards me and hiked her dress up. With one hand, I groped inside her [email protected]!es and shoved three fingers up her pv$ys. She cried out trying to push me off but I pushed her roughly to the bed. As soon as she landed on the bed, she turned around in an attempt to claw herself away from me.

I had already straddled her at that point so she could not move. I pulled her dress even further up, revealing her [email protected] a$$ and I proceeded to rip it. Her bare a$$ opened up to me. She still maintained her position and refused to turn around so I decided to take what she offered. I grabbed my c0kc and guided it to the entrance of her a$$h0le. She let out a loud cry as I entered her. She began to beg me to stop, to slow down but I was way too far gone. I thrv$t in and out of her tight anc$ until my ball$tightened and I was ready to cvmm.

I brought out my c0kc and began to pour my cvmm all over her back, a$$ and dress. Afterwards, she laid there, whimpering. I got off the bed, got my clothes on and left her in the room.

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