It’s not always a good idea to get a free VPN for Android or any other device. Some service providers sell your information, your surfing history, or both to the highest bidder with malicious purposes. Because of this, we usually advise investing a few dollars a month in a reliable VPN service but there top free VPN that are very secure. This article highlights the top 5 free vpn.

However, a few reliable VPN companies give free services with a number of restrictions. Nearly all of them give you a top free VPN monthly data cap, and some of them even choose your location for you. A free virtual private network can be a good choice for you if that doesn’t worry you.

A virtual private network, or VPN, encrypts and routes your data through its servers before it is sent to the website you are visiting. Simply defined, a VPN alters your IP address to give the impression that you are situated somewhere other than you actually are. The website you are viewing will believe you are based in the US, for instance, if you reside in Germany and access to the internet using a VPN server in the US.

You are completely anonymous online with a VPN. If the VPN provider has a no-logging policy, using it will keep your browser history hidden from everyone, even your ISP. Yes, if you don’t use a VPN, your ISP will be able to view your browsing history and may even sell it to advertisers. We’ll go into more detail about this later. A VPN also encrypts your data, which is useful while using a public network to browse the internet; more on that later. 

Here is a quick explanation of what a VPN is. Check out our post dedicated to explaining how it works if you want additional information.

You receive 500MB of data each month with the free TunnelBear VPN for Android that McAfee owns. It’s quite easy to use and you may sign up without using a credit card. There are 23 different countries from which to choose, including the US, Germany, Australia, India, and more. 

1. Tunnel Bear VPN (free)

Top free vpn

Tunnel Bear is one of the top free VPN with highly secured platform. It is one of the top 5 free VON, Despite being free, TunnelBear maintains a rigorous no-logging policy for your peace of mind and is not supported by advertisements (hooray). For individuals who tweet about the service provider, download the TunnelBear app on their PC, or refer a friend who then signs up for the service, it provides additional free data valid for the entire month. There is no carryover of unused data to the following month.

You must subscribe to a premium plan if you require more data than 500MB per month. Pricing for two years in advance starts at $4.17 per month. 

The specifics: 

500MB are available for free each month. 

Manual server selection with a total of 23 sites 

Policy against logging: Yes 

Paid plans: Monthly prices begin at $4,17.

2. Hotspot Shield 

Top free vpn

Hotspot Shield is among the finest top free VPN services for Android due to a few factors. It provides up to 15GB of data each month, or 500MB per day. While it is less than what you get with the majority of other free virtual private networks, it is sufficient for light usage. Hotspot shield VPN is also one of the top 5 free VPN and it works on both mobile and pc.

You don’t have to give the supplier your email address or payment card information, which makes getting started even easier. On get started, simply download the app to your device and press Connect. The main disadvantage is that the program will choose the server for you; you are unable to choose it yourself. The Android app contains adverts as well, which are bothersome.

Hotspot Shield adheres to a strict no-logging policy, much like the other providers on this list. Additionally, it provides paid options starting at $7.99 per month that get rid of the commercials and the remaining restrictions. 

The specifics: 

500MB daily data allowance 

Automatic selection of servers 

Policy against logging: Yes 

Paid packages: Monthly rates begin at $7.99.

3. Hide me

Top free vpn

You are given a 10GB monthly data cap with this Android VPN, which is fairly reasonable. You can choose between five server locations: the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and the US (east and west coast). 

You may rest easy knowing that won’t record your online activities and won’t sell your information to the highest bidder. Without having to divulge your credit card information, it is simple to set up and use. It is one of the best top free VPN services to utilize as a result of all these factors put together.

There are a few premium plans available if you require additional data. Depending on how long the subscription is, the price ranges from $4.99 per month to $12.95 per month. 

The specifics: 

Allowance for data: 10GB per month 

Manual server selection with five options 

Policy against logging: Yes 

Paid packages: Monthly rates begin at $4.99.

4. Windscribe 

Top free vpn

With a generous 10GB of bandwidth per month allocation, Windscribe is a very kind free VPN. However, only if you give the supplier access to your email address. If not, you’ll be limited to 2GB of data each month. 

The server you wish to connect to can be manually chosen by you. There are servers in 10 different countries on the free plan, so there are many to select from. Numerous other fantastic features are also available, such as Split Tunneling, which enables you to select which apps use the VPN.

You must upgrade to a premium plan if you enjoy using Windscribe but dislike the data restrictions. The cost of a monthly subscription is $9, but if you pay in advance for the entire year, the cost drops to $4.08. Additionally, “Fake Antarctica” servers may only be accessed with a paid membership. This is one of the best top free VPN and it’s available on all devices

The specifics: 

2 or 10 GB of free data are available each month. 

Manual server selection; 10 sites are available 

Policy against logging: Yes 

Paid packages: Monthly rates begin at $4.08.

5. Proton VPN

Top free vpn

ProtonVPN, the final provider on our list of the top free VPN services, stands out as one of the top 5 free because there is no data cap (you are just restricted to “medium speeds”). You can use your Android phone or any other device to surf anonymously for as long as you like, but your speed will suffer – particularly when there are plenty of users online. The Netherlands, Japan, and the US are the three available places.

Creating an account is required, but setting up the VPN is simple. However, a free seven-day trial with all features is available when you join up. Regardless of whether you’re on a free or paid plan, the Android app is ad-free. 

ProtonVPN has a rigorous no-logging policy and only permits free users to use one device at a time. Paid plans range in price from $4 per month to $24 per month.

The specifics: 

Allowance for data: illimitable 

Manual server selection with three choices 

Policy against logging: Yes 

Paid plans: Prices start at $4 monthly.

Are free VPNs secure?

Depending on the service provider you pick, yes and no. Although we can’t guarantee anything, using one of the VPNs above is probably secure. However, there are a lot of dubious VPN providers out there that you should stay away from.

The reason is that some people will try to exploit you financially in some way. Given the high cost of maintaining a VPN service, the provider must find some way to generate revenue. As a result, if it is not making money via subscription fees, it may be doing so through annoying but understandable advertisements, the sale of your personal information or browser history to the highest bidder, or both. In essence, a top 5 free VPN service can be performing the very thing that it is supposed to be shielding you from.

For context, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) examined 283 VPN apps available on the Play Store and discovered alarming findings a few years ago. 75% of the VPNs used third-party tracking libraries, while 18% did not encrypt data. Yikes! This just serves to highlight the need for caution when selecting a free VPN provider.

When deciding whether or not a specific VPN is reliable, research is essential. Search online and see what different people and publications have to say about it. Make sure the business isn’t headquartered in a nation with a poor reputation for online privacy, like China or Russia. Even while you can never be certain that a VPN will fulfill its claims, doing your research can at least give you some piece of mind. The above listed top 5 free VPN offer you unlimited coverage and high security.


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