True Life Story: How Do You Love Someone Who Does Not Believe In Love? 

Two years ago, I met someone on a hookup date. I mean, she is hot and fire. From the moment I saw her in the club, she was giving me vibes that she was ready to get down and dirty with me. We barely made it to the car, we b*nged and ended up in the hotel and continued for almost 4am that night.

We became friends with benefits. I liked her personality alot cos she makes me laugh alot. She does not take life too seriously. I had a fiancée then but we were having issues, my fiancée was stressing me out and I was developing cold feet. We decided to give other some space and that is when I met Ms. Fire cracker as I call her.

About two months later, I broke up with my fiancee…me and Ms. Firecracker now went full on. Although she was fun, she made me know right from day one, that she was not looking for marriage cos she was married before and she had a really bad experience, so she does not want to marry anymore.

Strange thing for a girl to say right? She is half Nigerian, half American. Relocated to Nigeria about six years ago.  She is about her career (a radio presenter) and does not want anything that will hold her down. Since I met her, I have been nothing but very happy. It radiates to the extent that my elder sister insisted on meeting her. She met with my elder sister and they clicked very fast.

My sister quickly made sure my girl met my mom. And my mom became head over heels with my girl. So, what may be the problem you may ask? Anytime, anyone brought up the issue of marriage, my girl just freaks out. She went through serious trauma in the hands of the n*gga that she married. She does not even want to talk about it.

Few months ago, our family pastor called me to say that God gave him a revelation that Ms. Firecracker is my wife but she would give me pain. That I should not allow the distractions make me loose my destiny. I told him about my girl was saying and he asked me to give him her number.

After the pastor called her, she got really upset. She broke up with me and told me to forget about her. I told her I love her and she said…I can never love you…there is no love in me to give you…any love I have is over…I do not believe in love anymore. I like you and that is enough.

Those words really broke me. She blocked me on communication platform. I thought her feelings would prove she could love me, so I gave her some time to calm down. When she didn’t call me ..I went to her place and she opened the door, telling me she had a guest inside her house so she couldn’t let me in. That means, a man was inside.

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