Unintentional Hot C-3x With My Cute Cousin

  1. my name is Jack, I am 22 years old having a light brown complexion and 5’7″ height. I live in Port harcourt with my mom and dad.

About 2 km from our house, we have our uncle’s (dad’s elder brother’s) house. He lives there with his family consisting of his wife and his beautiful daughter.

Speaking about his daughter, her name is Sylvia. She is 3 years older than me. She is like a beautiful dish with a pinch of jolliness seasoning. She has a fair complexion and a height of 5’4″. I don’t know her exact body measurements because I have never asked her about that nor I have measured it.

By the way, my cousin sister is very cheerful by nature and you can even sense naughtiness in her if you are that close to her.

Our relation was very normal just like every cousin brother and cousin sister has. We used to meet each other very much, hang out and we used to chat very much on WhatsApp.

So, it was going very normal for us.

One morning, I was still asleep as I got a call from my cousin sister Sylvia.

Me: Hey, how are you?

Sylvia: I am good, what about you?

Me: I am doing great. Tell me, what’s about the call?

Sylvia: Nothing, I was just suggesting to meet today.

Me: Okay, what’s the place?

Sylvia: My home. As no one is here today, we can have lunch together.

Me: Ok, I will be there. Bye.

Sylvia: Bye.

After hanging up the call, I got up from the bed and started doing my morning routine. After about 1 hour, I left my house telling my mom that I was going to my uncle’s house.

On reaching there, I pressed the doorbell and I was welcomed by my cousin Sylvia. Upon seeing her, I lost my senses for a second, but that second was enough for my eyes to admire her beauty. My god, she was looking like a fairy descended on earth!

I followed her into the house and got settled on the sofa. She then offered me water and sat beside me. After this, we started talking. After some time of talking, the topic shifted to alcohol.

Me: Have you ever tried something alcoholic?

Sylvia (hesitating): Ummm, not the strong ones but yes, I had breezers several times. What about you?

Me (laughing a little): I hate these light drinks. These are not real alcohol. You don’t feel the same.

Sylvia: Yeah! I know, that’s why I never gave it a try.

Me: But, why? You should.

Sylvia (giggling): I don’t want to create a blunder. That’s why.

Me: Oh, Sylvia! You should not worry about this. I am here for you if something happens.

I tried to persuade my cousin sister but she was not accepting my offer. I then took her right hand, holding it in between my both hands and looked into her eyes, and asked her with a demanding face. “If your little brother is asking you for something, will you not fulfill his wish? Hmm?”

She looked into my eyes for some time thinking what she should do. Then, with her left hand, she held my right cheek and said, “Only for today, my little brother.”

After listening to this, the joy was popping out of me. I stood up from the sofa and asked her to wait till I brought something from outside and left the house.

I took a half whisky bottle, soda, cold drink, and something to eat. After taking this, I headed back home where my sister was waiting for me.

After reaching home, I reached out to her and said with a wink, “Here, my dear sister. Let’s have your first glass of whiskey with your brother.”

She laughed at this and said, “Yeah! My first and last glass.”

I asked her to get seated, to which she said, “I am going in the bedroom, we will have it there.”

After this, she left for the bedroom. I took two glasses, some ice cubes and took the whisky, and headed towards the bedroom.

In the bedroom, my s3-xy cousin was sitting on the bed with her back resting on the wall as the bed was joined to the wall. So, I got on the bed, sat beside her, and started to open the whisky bottle.

I poured some whiskey into the glasses added some soda and ice cubes and offered her the drink.

First, she hesitated but then, she accepted it. I told her to finish the glass at once, which she did, and made a face telling that it was very bitter.

Then I had my share of drinks and we did 3 rounds of drinks like this.

After this, I cleared the bed of all the things and we started talking. But this time, the chat was a little bit on the weird side.

We were talking about things which we had never discussed before. We were talking about our love life, our crush and everything like that.

My cousin sis told me that she never had any boyfriend in her whole life, to which I told her that I was very much surprised.

She asked me, “Why?”

I replied, “How come a beautiful girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?”

This answer made her face go red and she asked, “Do you think that I am beautiful?”

Me: You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.

Sylvia (raising her eyebrows): Your words seem to be on the fl!-rty side.

Me (laughing): No fl!-rt!ng with you, my dear sister. I am just telling the truth.

Sylvia: Then, it’s okay. (winking) But you can’t fl!-rt with me because I am a better player than you are in this game.

Me (smiling): Don’t try to challenge me in this. I can make you go crazy.

Sylvia: Ohhh! Let’s see.

Me: Okay, babe, let’s see.

Sylvia(eyes widened): Babe?

Me: Yeah, baby! The game starts.

Sylvia: Okay. I am in.

As I was sitting beside her on her right side, my left arm was touching her right arm. The skin of her arm was feeling very smooth. I asked her if she has waxed her arm to which she nodded with a yes.

I then asked, “Full body wax?”

My cousin sister looked at me for a few seconds with a puzzled face and after some time, she just said, “yes”.

I then again asked her, “Which body parts are covered under full body wax?”

At this question, her face turned red. She didn’t look towards me and didn’t utter a single word.

I repeated the question with, “Baby, I am asking something”.

This time, she replied with, “It’s a girl’s business, baby. None of yours.”

Me: But I want to know, na?

Sylvia: Don’t do this, Jack.

Me (with childish face): Your brother wants to know something, dear. You should tell him.

Sylvia(with a smile): My little brother is getting naughty. What can I do about this?

Me: You should tell him, whatever he wants to know.

Sylvia (smiling): ‘Full body’ means full body. You know every part of a body. What’s there for me to tell you?

Me: Yeah, I know every part of a man’s full body but not of a woman.

Sylvia (looking down with a smile): You should not ask this from me, Jack.

Me: why? What it is that you can’t tell me?

After my question, she immediately got up from the bed saying that she was going into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

As she was leaving the bed, I held her hand from behind and said, “It’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me about it. But, please don’t go from here. Sit beside me as we were sitting, don’t ruin these moments.”

To this, my cousin sister hesitated a bit but in the end, she agreed and sat beside me.

We continued our talk and after 10 minutes or so, she rested her face on my left shoulder and continued talking. Sitting there in that position, I was feeling her warm breaths on my neck. Those breaths were doing some magic to me as I was sensing a feeling emerging from the inside of me that I have never experienced before.

My heart was beating at its maximum, my breaths were getting longer and some force was pushing my hand towards my cute cousin sister.

I took my right hand and put my palm on her face which was on my shoulder. She didn’t respond.

Now, we stopped talking and were just enjoying each other’s company. After a minute or two, I started car3-$sing her left cheek, which was on the upper side of her face with my fingers. I was rolling my fingers all over her cheek, sometimes touching her earlobe and sometimes car3-$sing the back of her ear.

These moves were doing something to my cousin as I could feel that her breaths getting deeper, longer, and hotter. She was now getting more close to me and I started moving my fingers towards her l!ps. 

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