Viral poor boy who was caught stealing onions in school gets new house

It may have looked like a spirited attempt to make a young boy look bad in the court of public opinion after a teacher filmed and shared a video of him stealing onions from a school.

When the video went viral on social media, the woman’s act was condemned by the Zambia police service through spokesperson Esther Katongo.

Joackim was filmed stealing onions from Shimpa Primary School in Zambia.
Joackim’s mother is widowed as well as physically impaired, which makes it difficult for her to provide for the family. Photo credits: Nkani/ Remmy Kangwa. Source: UGC

According to Katongo, the law requires juvenile offenders in criminal matters to remain protected as they still have room to change and have a productive future.

Making their faces public, therefore, engraves a mark on them that can haunt them permanently.

“The madam in that video involving a child alleged to have stolen onions was wrong to take the video of a juvenile and post it on social media,” she explained.

She urged anyone with the video to blur the face of the minor for the sake of his future.

Boy is from poor background

In a positive turn of events, well-wishers sought to find out the boy’s story, leading them to uncover that eight-year-old Joackim Musenga lives with his mother who is widowed and physically impaired.

It was established that the two live near Shimpa Primary School, the place he was filmed stealing onions.

Sadly, as much as the boy lives close to the institution he does not attend school due to poverty.

The mother accepted responsibility for her son’s misdemeanour but requested support from anyone willing to help her start a business and support her children.

Mathews Simiyu, an SS 2 student at Holy Trinity High School in Saboti, Kenya had been sent home and he resorted to carrying a fowl to the institution hoping to be allowed back to class.

After giving out the bird worth KSh 1,000 (N3787), he was still left with a balance of KSh 33,000 (N125k) but luckily for him, area MP Caleb Amisi came to his rescue and paid the fees.

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