We Dated For Five Years. No Sex. He Got Overseas Scholarship And Insisted On Sex Before Travelling. He Had His Way But He Is Now Engaged To Another Woman!

‘Funmilola babe! I made it We did it !’, Martin announced loudly as he barged into my room and lifted me off the floor before wrapping my nimble, petite body in a full embrace.

‘Congratulations babe! This is a big deal and calls for celebration!’, I responded, with my face helplessly flushed with a flashy grin

 The tingling holler of excitement that coursed through my veins was simply indescribable. After six fruitless years of seeking scholarship for a Masters in Law programme at an American  University, my incredibly handsome and suave boyfriend, Martins had finally been offered a fully funded opportunity.

 This was particularly memorable for me for some reasons. Martin had been the very summation of my emotional attraction all through my adult years. 

I had met Martin in my first year at the university through a mutual acquaintance, Bosede.

Our initial friendly bouts of light chuckles, chortles and chatters had progressed to a strong emotional bonding that grew with the passing years.
By the second semester, Martin and I had become budding lovers and best friends. We went out together, shared awesome moments and reveled in the luminescent glee of campus matrimony.

Our relationship years on campus was not without its tumults and vicissitudes. Being a child from a morally conservative background, I had been further ideologically ingrained into moralist and spiritualist credos from my ecclesiastical base, the Holiness church.

I was the very advocate of the no-sex-before-marriage principle. I had met Martins during this period of my strong ideological indoctrination. However, his love had swept me off.

His effacing personality, coupled with his avowed devotion to ministerial duties, pushed me into concessions for him. He had attempted to kiss me on a third date, a move I rejected.

This had triggered much altercation between the two of us. With time, my defences splintered. I gave in to his demands. One night, on a fourth date, he kissed me. I kissed back, reveling in the novelty of the moment.

Our kissing progressed into intense smooching, in which his strong fingers explored my small, pert ass and boobs. He occasionally dipped his finger into my vagina, through my panties making me wet while murmuring sweet nothings into my ears.


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