Yemisi Iranloye: Nigerian lady who lived on a farm but now runs a billion naira cassava business

A Nigerian lady Yemisi Iranloye left Lagos and relocated to a farm in Oyo state to pursue her goal of farming cassava for industrial purpose with a network of farmers.

How We Made it Africa reports that the lady had fallen in love with the cassava crop during her 10-year stint with Ekha Agro Processing Ltd – an outfit that processes cassava into syrup for glucose.

Meet Yemisi Iranloye, the Nigerian lady dubbed queen of cassava
She started off by relocating to reside in a farm in Oyo Photo Credit: LinkedIn/Seidu Baba Source: UGC

Yemisi saw the enormous potential cassava has and was determined to excel at it. She left Lagos for Oyo where she built a small house and stayed on the farm with about six staff.

Yemisi started from cultivating a land she bought with a few farmers

The biochemistry graduate grew crops on the land she bought with her small staff strength and with time educated local farmers on the need to move from farming for consumption to doing it for industrial purpose.

Yemisi, according to MAcademy, then incorporated her own cassava processing firm called Psaltry International Limited.

What her business outfit does

Thanks to credit facilities from the CBN, Yemisi and her network of farmers were able to grow the piece of land into a factory.

Yemisi’s business outfit grows cassava and also buys from smallholder farmers.

They produce food-grade starch and high-quality cassava flour.

At the moment Nigerian breweries and Nestle are some of her major clients with the business currently raking in over N5 billion in revenue per annum in the space of 10 years.

The man identified as Goddey said he has been growing the yams for about 45 years and has been dubbed the king of yams.

Goddey is also said to be engaged in farming of other food crops namely okra, pepper, cassava and palm-oil. The polygamous man does livestock farming too.

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